Writing Makes You a Better Thinker

Do you keep a journal? You should! There are no rules on what you write in a journal or how you should write it. The only guideline is to date everything you write so you can come back to it later. It will be nice to remember the time in your life when you wrote it. The more often you write in your journal, the clearer your thoughts will be.girl thinking

Writing might seem like a chore because your teachers usually choose what you have to write about or how you have to write it. Don’t let that make you think writing isn’t easy and fun. Do you like to think? If so, then you like to write! The only difference is that writing is recording your thoughts so you can come back to them.

When you start writing for yourself, you don’t have to worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation — that all comes later. Just let the words spill from your thoughts onto paper however you feel like. Later, whenever you come back to those thoughts and read them, you might find that they don’t quite seem the same as whatever it is you remember thinking. You’ll probably want to add or replace some words and switch some sentences around. Maybe what you wrote is the way you wanted it, but you have new thoughts that you want to add.

Over time, you can alter and tighten your words until they mean exactly what you want them to.  In this way, writing is a lot like working on a drawing. You start with a loose sketch and slowly change things to bring it closer and closer to the image you want to create. The more often you practice drawing, the less you have to change things to get them the way you want. Similarly, the more you work on your writing, the more your thoughts will organize themselves so you can quickly put them into words. When your thoughts are organized, it’s easier to think things through!


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